Sending flowers to someone is one of the best ways to show you care. Floral arrangements are perfect for so many of life’s milestones and special occasions.

A birthday, an anniversary, an engagement can be marked and made truly memorable with a heartfelt message delivered to the door along with a stunning bouquet.

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Other occasions that are worth that breath-taking floral delivery include retirement, a thank you to someone, leaving a job or starting a new one, a get-well message and a graduation. Thank your teacher, send a Valentine’s Day bouquet, or show your neighbour your appreciation when they kept an eye on your house while you were on holiday … flowers can make any appreciative gesture one that is truly expressed in the most elegant way. And we’ve also had moments when we want to say sorry for something that’s not gone to plan. Apologising isn’t easy, yet a floral message can help make it easier. Louise Florist can advise, design, create and deliver fabulous flowers for any occasion.